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You’ve worked hard, Jonghyun, you did well

 2017 was a hard year for Shawols.

A case filed last August immediately divided the fans. A petition that demanded that SHINee’s leader, Onew, be taken off the team quickly followed suit, while other Shawols intensely fought to be heard that they want the group to remain intact.

We got emotional over seeing Dubu on SM Entertainment’s Season’s Greetings SHINee teaser, ending his four-month hiatus with a two-second appearance on the said video.

But we never thought things could get more heartbreaking.

‘Something in the Rain’ isn’t your usual K-drama

The most powerful stories are the ones we could see ourselves in. “Something in the Rain,” JTBC’s romantic drama of the year, shows a refreshing take on the genre with its true-to-life approach, but only if its viewers are patient enough to see it through.

HONNE’s musical magic

The best live performance I’ve ever witnessed as a Super writer would be HONNE’s Wanderland set in 2017. The crowd was cramped in front of the festival’s smaller stage, but it didn’t stop anyone from having a great time. Nothing but perfect tunes were sung by Andy Clutterbuck, HONNE’s vocalist, and the giddy crowd matched his heartfelt performance.

Disney princess in training

It’s no surprise that my generation grew up watching everything Disney, and it remains to be a huge factor that not only anchors us to our childhood, but it gives us a sense of the very values that make us thrive in adulthood: Courage, identity, and the endless pursuit of wonder.

There’s simply no growing up from Disney, because, firstly, there is no need to.

Its animated and live-action films have always introduced such curious yet awe-inspiring characters, with timeless plots that revolve about friendship, family, and culture—sometimes more deeply than how we remember them to be.

I’ve religiously kept up with almost all the Disney films all throughout the 90s til early 2000s, but it was only until my sister, Zoee, came into the picture that I started searching my memories for movie titles and rewatching the very films I saw at her young age.

Having a baby, now a toddler, in the household is by far the most exciting and joyous experience. And I must say this little munchkin has bonded us together as a family more than anything, making me appreciate the kind of dynamic we have always shared even more.

So let me tell you a little bit about her: Zoee’s got quite a personality—she’s effortlessly kooky, obsessive, and witty. There’s this certain brilliance in her, and this goes with a certain sense of responsibility to hone her mind, interests, and behavior as early as we can.

My approach? Turning her into a Disney baby.

The incredible family is back

You know that the sequel earned its right to be raved about when it makes us laugh twice as much and twice as hard, and puts on scenes that make us hold our breaths a little bit longer.

Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” is worth the 14-year wait—only it doesn’t make you feel like you did a ton of waiting. The retro-futuristic animated film, once again written and directed by Brad Bird, picks up right where the first had cut off.