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L’amour X: This is collaboration with Black Hairspray.
However, all opinion found in this post is entirely mine.

We’ve all had those days when we aimlessly surfed the internet. Whether it’s checking out beauty sites for the latest must-have Korean products on sale, or watching the latest posts of the YouTube vloggers you’re subscribed to, there’s a bunch of suggestive links that you’re bound to find on the same screen.

One delightful discovery I’ve had recently is: Black Hairspray. It’s the one-stop shop for everyone who loves their tresses. The site is full of beauty and hair care products, and—this is the fun partwigs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking—what the hell do you plan to do with wigs?

Well, the first reason would be finding a fool-proof contingency plan. I’ve been itching to get a bob for the past three months, but I’ve also fallen for how long my hair has grown. On the site, I found a brand that used synthetic hair that looks so natural that many hairstylists swear by it.

The following are my wig options for days when I’ve already chopped my hair and suddenly miss my shoulder-length locks. Here are my picks from Vivica Fox Wigs:

I’ve long planned to purchase a blonde wig to spare my scalp from the harsh process of bleaching, and just dye it with my favorite quirky aquamarine shade.

Which wig should I get?

‘Geostorm’ is all effects and solely saved by Gerard Butler

Treason, hacking into Federal secrets, kidnapping the president—what crimes are you willing to commit to save the world?

In Dean Devlin’s “Geostorm,” Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess) is guilty of breaking the law, and would commit every felony there is to find out the truth. The United States assistant secretary of state was tasked to remedy the malfunctioning Dutch Boy, a satellite stationed in outer space controlling the weather in 17 of the world’s most powerful and influential nations.

The very invention that was made to stabilize the weather for earth to continue being a habitable planet was suddenly creating unnatural and deadly disasters. First it hit Afghanistan, then Hong Kong. Could it be a technical malfunction? A self-produced digital virus? What exactly was wrong with Dutch Boy?

These were the questions the International Climate Space Station and US president’s cabinet were bothered with, two weeks before the scientific breakthrough was to be turned over to international forces from its US management.

‘Blade Runner’s’ legacy continues to run

By combining the genre of science fiction and film noir, Ridley Scott’s 1982 “Blade Runner” established itself as a cinematic breakthrough and revered classic in Hollywood history.

While the Dennis Villeneuve-directed remake, shown and cinematically set three decades after the original, bathes itself in bleakness, walking its viewers into a future that is heavily inspired of the past.

In “Blade Runner 2049,” Villeneuve orchestrates tension in each frame, and every harsh atmosphere he builds is as real for his audience as it is for his characters.

The film is defined by a great balance of storytelling, intimate emotions and action—particularly in that order—in its sequences. And like most neo-noir films before it, it banks on the fear of its audience for an imminent dysfunctional future.

Common Table’s comfort food

Salcedo Village is home to a lot of restaurants offering comfort food. Be it gastronomic fusions of different cuisines, or traditional recipes with a twist, you’re bound to find a place for every kind of craving here. Each of their best-selling dishes are just waiting to make it to your list of favorites.

And it’s no surprise that included among its ranks is Common Table at Valero Street, Makati. Their specialty? Comfort food that upgrades a recipe’s common ingredients for a remarkably satisfying dining experience.

Here are the must-tries on a Common Table visit:

Finding everyday lippies that are sure-fire MLBB shades

Make-up is a creeping addiction. You start with the essentials, then you’ll find one item or brand that you’ll eventually swear by and will shower (monetary) devotion on. Then, in your beauty enlightenment, comes the next phase: hoarding. You’ll tell yourself every shade of whatever it is you’re eyeing is a must-have—and it probably is. (After all, the customer is always right.)

That’s often the lie I repeat in my head whenever I face a lipstick counter. There are just so many gorgeous colors, but I take pride in being disciplined enough to remember what shades are in my make-up arsenal, and just stay away from the usual colors my eyes often gravitate to. Most often than not, every time I visit make-up stores, I would be able to walk away empty-handed.

But price matte lippies for just P200?? You’ve definitely cracked my beauty abstinence.