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I geeked out with webcrawlers at the Marvel Creative Day Out

How do we know firsthand that the Marvel Universe is indeed made of interconnected story lines? Well, we got to see three Spider-Man superheroes right in front of our eyes in the same place, at the same time.

At the Marvel Creative Day Out, friends Zack Tolosa, GP Manalo and Joyce Dizon all swung by the art and design-focused event to share their love for Spider-Man and all things Marvel. They didn’t just wear a shirt with the face of their favorite character—they actually brought him to life.

“Why is Spider-Man my favorite? I mean, why not?” Joyce, dressed as parody character Spider-Ham, said.

10 Super facts about Dara

1. Top 2018 goal

Seems like Dara will be granting the number one wish of her fans by next year—a solo album is on the works! “My first priority is the album,” Sandara tells Super. “I’m focusing on recording and collecting songs.”

2. The most-awaited solo album

OK, calm down, Blackjacks—that’s not even the best part! Sandara also reveals she already has five tracks and she has been working on her first-ever solo album since summer this year.  “Nakakatawa I started working on my album this summer, the first songs pa-disco-disco pa. Tapos, biglang winter na, sabi ko sa producer ko gusto ko naman ng mga sad songs. Sabi niya lang sakin: HA??” OMG, we’ll be expecting a good mix of tracks from this album then!

3. Dream music collaboration

“Ang ideal na collaboration ko is with a rapper—ang dami nila sa YG! Maybe I can get them on board, tapos kakanta ako,” she says. Sandara also reveales that she’s hoping it’s an acoustic track! We just hope she will collaborate with YG artist ONE one day.

4. Dara TV’s next vlogs

Whenever Sandara mentions she’s now a YouTuber in her Dara TV vlogs, she always says it in disbelief. “Syempre hindi pa ako yung professional na vlogger, but it’s really fun! You just need one camera and you shoot whatever you want and it already becomes one episode,” Dara says.

She says she is the talent, director, producer of her own vlogs but always credits the amazing Dara TV team for their amazing cuts and edits. Next on Dara TV are vlogs on her recent birthday celebration, Boracay trip with Seungri of BigBang, covers of songs (which includes OPM hits), and her favorite Seoul restaurants. One of Super’s suggestions is her skincare routine, but Dara reveals there’s nothing special about it and she only does three to four steps of the famed 10-step Korean skincare regimen.

5. Your 2018 Valentine’s Day movie

She has finished shooting “Cheese In The Trap” last July. You’ll finally get to see Dara on the big screen again this February 2018—we just hope it shows in Philippine cinemas, too!

Sandara lives on the spotlight

A few hours before Sandara Park’s awaited Penshoppe fan meet at the Kia Theater, the local fashion powerhouse’s brand director, Jeff Bascon, enters the waiting room.

“I’m so excited for this!” is his greeting.

“I’m such a fan of Dara and watching her rehearse these past three days, I realized why they’re called superstars in the first place,” Jeff says.

No one in that room had any doubts that the former “fresh vocals” of girl group 2NE1 can pull of a show on her own.

She beams brightly the second the lights reveal her on stage. Sandara knows how to start a show with the fierce and upbeat medley of “Fire” and “Do You Love Me.” And yes, of course, they love her.

Fashion envy: Stealing Bella Hadid’s latest looks

The Hadid sisters have taken the runways by storm and have risen to the ranks of today’s hottest fashion icons in their own right. Following her big sister’s taste in style, Bella Hadid has been seen in local fashion house Penshoppe’s Generation Now collection.

The curated Generation Now pieces aren’t just made for everyday wear, it’s here to dictate the trends for the 2017 pre-holiday fashion season. And if there’s anything Penshoppe’s mix-and-match friendly pieces have perfected, it’s the balance of sass with a touch of kickass—and there’s no one like Bella Hadid who works this style best.

Taking notes from the 21-year-old model, I looked into the pieces of Bella’s outfits and figured the perfect days to wear them on.

Wigs and things

L’amour X: This is collaboration with Black Hairspray.
However, all opinion found in this post is entirely mine.

We’ve all had those days when we aimlessly surfed the internet. Whether it’s checking out beauty sites for the latest must-have Korean products on sale, or watching the latest posts of the YouTube vloggers you’re subscribed to, there’s a bunch of suggestive links that you’re bound to find on the same screen.

One delightful discovery I’ve had recently is: Black Hairspray. It’s the one-stop shop for everyone who loves their tresses. The site is full of beauty and hair care products, and—this is the fun partwigs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking—what the hell do you plan to do with wigs?

Well, the first reason would be finding a fool-proof contingency plan. I’ve been itching to get a bob for the past three months, but I’ve also fallen for how long my hair has grown. On the site, I found a brand that used synthetic hair that looks so natural that many hairstylists swear by it.

The following are my wig options for days when I’ve already chopped my hair and suddenly miss my shoulder-length locks. Here are my picks from Vivica Fox Wigs:

I’ve long planned to purchase a blonde wig to spare my scalp from the harsh process of bleaching, and just dye it with my favorite quirky aquamarine shade.

Which wig should I get?