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The incredible family is back

You know that the sequel earned its right to be raved about when it makes us laugh twice as much and twice as hard, and puts on scenes that make us hold our breaths a little bit longer.

Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” is worth the 14-year wait—only it doesn’t make you feel like you did a ton of waiting. The retro-futuristic animated film, once again written and directed by Brad Bird, picks up right where the first had cut off.

Sharing tattoos with Adam

“Are you for real? Oh god, this is freaking me out! Are you absolutely sure about this?” Adam J. Kurtz asks me in a panic.

I just told the New York-based artist he could draw anything he wanted on my arm and I would have it immediately tattooed in the afternoon.

And yes, I was sure about it. I’ve nursed this crazy plan as soon as National Book Store and Graphika Manila announced Adam would be at their events on the first weekend of February.

‘Deadpool 2’ further defines the crazy character

Deadpool’s comeback film is all about the “F word.” While it challenges itself to pack every scene with wilfully stupid mayhem and meta-references like its origin story, “Deadpool 2” widens its story arc by humanizing its characters even more and boldy trying to turn itself into a dark family action-comedy.

The Merc with the Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) doesn’t shed his antihero attitude. But he does learn to care about others outside his circle. When a super soldier from the future time-travels to end the life of an orphaned mutant, Deadpool takes on the responsibility to protect the child.

‘Every Day’ shows a love that leaves traces

“Always the same age, but never in the same body twice.”

Fans of David Levithan’s bestselling novel “Every Day” have waited too long to hear this line through booming cinema speakers, and now they can indulge themselves in an adaptation that shows enduring excitement in a story of true love and identity.

The story introduces a 16-year-old mysterious soul that wakes up every day in a new body. A, as it has named oneself, gets to know each one of the people he inhibits on a level that nobody else could. A gets more access to their memories and thoughts the longer the bodies are inhibited—but the thing is, A only gets to stay for 24 hours in their lives.

The mitosis of science and music in YOONCELL

Minutes before her set, Jeong Yun-jung picks up her guitar and slings it to her body. She takes tiny steps to reach the middle of the platform, nervous to face her spectators for the day.

On the stage, she is YOONCELL.