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‘Every Day’ shows a love that leaves traces

“Always the same age, but never in the same body twice.”

Fans of David Levithan’s bestselling novel “Every Day” have waited too long to hear this line through booming cinema speakers, and now they can indulge themselves in an adaptation that shows enduring excitement in a story of true love and identity.

The story introduces a 16-year-old mysterious soul that wakes up every day in a new body. A, as it has named oneself, gets to know each one of the people he inhibits on a level that nobody else could. A gets more access to their memories and thoughts the longer the bodies are inhibited—but the thing is, A only gets to stay for 24 hours in their lives.

The mitosis of science and music in YOONCELL

Minutes before her set, Jeong Yun-jung picks up her guitar and slings it to her body. She takes tiny steps to reach the middle of the platform, nervous to face her spectators for the day.

On the stage, she is YOONCELL.

TAEK imagines ‘We're Always Together’ into reality

TAEK’s artistry is nothing too flashy nor too bold, but the music latches on to its listeners because of its gentleness, remorseful yet romantic messages and subtle playful notes. The musician is often soft spoken and timid, but we discovered the secret to instantly make him smile—just tell him the words “Red Velvet” (yup, the girl group) and he warms up the whole room with his laugh. In an interview with Inquirer Super, TAEK and I talk about his first EP:

It usually just starts with one word or one sentence.

The rest of it comes from the feelings I get from those and I try to build the song around them. The sequencing, arrangements and final lyrics come later, but it all goes back to that keyword or key sentence. It’s all inspired by that, and in most cases, it also becomes the title.

Easter eggs, spoilers, and the top moments from ‘Black Panther’

It’s just one great film after another.

When Marvel Studios promised to bring their characters to life in the big screen, no one imagined it to be this grand and breathtaking. Its newest addition to its film roster, Black Panther, immerses its viewers in an action-filled tension, never failing to add slivers of humor and ultimately tell an empowering narrative.

Every scene is better than the last, immersing you into a curious and otherworldly heritage. Each second of the movie thrives with gripping intensity, forcing you to hold your breath in their every move. Here’s a rundown of everything that makes us say WAKANDA FOREVER:

My week in scraps

Stumbled upon Adam J. Kurtz’s 2010 project called My Week In Scraps and decided to try it for myself as I do keep a ton of trinkets (basically trash for other people) hidden in various paper bags and tin boxes.

The New York-based artist created weekly collages for four years, documenting different kinds of moments captured by small, pocketable pieces,  whether it’s exploring new cities or gaining new experiences and relationships.

It’s amazing how you can use these trivial things to reflect on what’s important to you—receipts showing what you spend on, tickets being a proof of the time you enjoyed wasting, and ultimately what you choose to keep.

What scraps do you keep? View the full project here.