Stories of She & Him: A micropoetry project

It started with one tweet—a  transcription of a conversation that quoted Perloff on defining abstractions. And then, soon after, I caught on a wave of obsession about two personas, an unnamed boy and girl who  both loved to speak their mind.

They talk about love, they change their minds about what they think of it and most importantly, they speculate about each other's feelings toward the other.

It's an ongoing characterization of the two personas, and their language of indecisiveness and introspection presents their dynamism as individuals and as a couple.

The Stories of She & Him romanticizes the moments of silence and uncertainty of modern love. It makes us witness the cathartic journey of two artists who just ended their relationship.

The personas are not to be defined by certain characteristics, their personalities are complex—arcane, paradoxical and ever-changing. What is to be worked on is the tone and language of the two personas for readers to easily identify who is speaking, but not necessarily limit one to speak about certain topics on the wide spectrum of love.

The storytelling is obviously, and will certainly not  be linear—the timeline of their story is not to be defined by neither past nor present, because these are to be considered the same in their poetic reality.

We will indulge ourselves in their bittersweet conversations and monologues, their metaphors using disciplines of art and humanities, and their discovery that they are the ultimate metaphor of one another.

In the form of micropoetry, each tweet is meant to stand as individual stories that contains a speck of universality, making us all witnesses of these experiences in real life. But each snippet is part of a whole, a reflection on the questions: when does love begin, and what happens when it ends?

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