Just got Lucky

Lucky Blue Smith asks me "What's up?" And all of a sudden I knew no words. Photo by Eloisa Lopez

THE MOMENT Pam, my editor, told me I'd be doing a one-on-one interview with Lucky Blue Smith, the first reaction I had in my head was: HOLY SHIT! How am I supposed to focus with those indescribable blue eyes of his?

She asked me to write a list of questions for a 15-minute interview and I came up with about 25 of them. With Lucky Blue having so much on his plate right now, there's just so much more to be curious abouthis dating life excluded.

There were a lot of things to talk about: Fashion, where he's been making headlines and is currently tagged as the male equivalent of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner; Music, where he's a drummer in a band called The Atomics with his three sisters; Film, where he plays a lead role in his first movie venture; and Literature, where he's about to release a biographical coffee table book, with its title still a well-kept secret.

The day to meet Lucky Blue, and the chance to sit exactly right across him, finally cameand I was late for the press conference. When I got there, Pam asked me if I can conduct the interview properly, given that I am so into Lucky Blue's smize (Dear Penshoppe, why did you make him wear sunnies in most of your new billboards??).

She recalled how one of the Inquirer Super's writers tried so hard to keep it together when they met Sean O'Pry (no judgement given though, most fans fail at it too). But I said I could do it and I could keep calm in the 15 minutes that would be given to us.

Meeting Lucky Blue was surreal.

When his hand reached out to shake mine, I couldn't make myself extend it to him. For a few seconds I was frozen into place. But we had work to do.

There were a lot of surprising things that was revealed to me that day. One, Lucky Blue Smith is not into fashion trends. He does not give much fuss about what is currently sported on the runway, and instead sticks to his classic and vintage pieces.

Two, he skipped the past fashion week to focus on music, with The Atomics producing two new songs and working on more tracks for their album.

The last but not the least? When asked about his message for his younger self, he said he had none.

He asked me if that made any sensethe idea of not wanting to alter his journey by sharing a piece of advice that could've made him wiser at 16.

And for someone who's still figuring things out, it made all the sense in the world.

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