‘Logan’ is the Wolverine film you’ve been waiting for

‘Logan’ is the Wolverine film you’ve been waiting for

You’d think after traveling back in time and preventing the Sentinels from ever being invented in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” Wolverine would have created a present time that is safe for mutants.

But 50 years laterand as seen in all X-Men moviesthere never seems to be a safe time to be a mutant. In the year 2029, the X-Men are already close to becoming a myth. Their stories are only remembered through comic books, while the genetic line of mutants is known to be extinct.

The heroes we know of are gone and the ones left are undignified. In “Logan,” after 17 long years of playing the role, Hugh Jackman is more Logan than he is Wolverine. The world’s most famous mutant is known for his regenerative powers that combined with the most powerful element known in the Marvel universe, Adamantium, renders him indestructible.

But here we see the lead character as we could have never imaginedaging, vulnerable and becoming more human in the process.

And this is exactly what sets “Logan” apart from the other Wolverine films. It makes us briefly forget the hero that he is, and connects us more to the human he has slowly becomewith all the chinks on his armor showing.

10 things I loved about ‘Logan’

10 things I loved about ‘Logan’


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There’s no doubt that Wolverine is the world’s most famous mutant, but in the fan-favorite hero’s third film feature—and may I add, the best X-Men film I’ve seen—Logan is a stranger to the audience.

Sure we still see his scruff and arrogant exterior, but complex themes are explored in the film—with impermanence, purpose, legacy, and family, among them—making Logan more human than he is mutant.

The film is intensely intimate and primal compared to the numerous X-Men films that came before it. Even with the thrills and excitement over grotesque scenes, the emotional magnitude that surface from the character relationships are neither diluted nor overshadowed by the superhero action.

Here are 10 things I loved about 20th Century Fox’s “Logan”:

   IT’S FUCKING R-16   

It’s about damn time we stop censoring who Wolverine is and what he is fully capable of doing. “Logan” is unapologetically brutal with an equally unapologetically amused audience.