Explosive flavors at LAVA

One of the things I keep a tab on is places that offer ice cold Tiger beer.

The Singaporean lager is popping in our local restaurant scene and I am very pleased to announce that LAVA Timog is one of the few that carry this brand. I love this drink, and it’s always one of the reasons why trips to Singapore are always welcome—Tiger beer is available on tap!

But that’s not the only reason why I’m writing this blog post solely dedicated to LAVA, a comfort food nook that you should keep under your radar.

When one hears of the restaurant name, you immediately look forward to a molten cake dessert—but let me just stop your sweet-tooth drooling there. LAVA takes its name after the most important part of their kitchen: Lava rocks.

The restaurant grills and cooks most of the items on their menu using this sustainable and healthier option. The rocks are said to last for a year, and lessens the amount of carcinogens on grilled food. But that’s not all, the rocks are LAVA’s number one choice for cooking because it insulates the flavor from the meats’ natural oils, packing any dish with relishing tastes.

One thing you have to try on your first visit—or any visit for that matter—is their Cheese and Bacon pasta. LAVA’s take on the classic carbonara is an enjoyable twist for any bacon lover out there. The dish is not only peppered but smothered in crispy bacon bits, perfectly balanced with a creamy sauce.

Their chicken wings are packed with Filipino-style barbecue flavor. The savory and hickory glaze is a fail-proof recipe for wings. The surprisingly best part about this order is the tortilla chips. It was refreshingly light and so good that I wished they offered it as an unlimited refill appetizer.

For meat lovers, turn to their burgers. The beef patties have that distinguished home-cooked recipe of ground meat and vegetables. To make your order a bit special than it already is, customize your burger with a bit of onion rings inside the bun—those extra carbs make it more irresistible.

Most of LAVA’s ingredients are either fresh or made from scratch, so it’s no surprise that the restaurant also kneads their own pizza dough. The hand-rolled dough is in between the favorite thin crust and the filling thick crust version. We tried their Lava Explosion pizza, with a generous explosion of different toppings. LAVA also makes their own signature house blend hot sauce—which makes every pizza slice all the more special.

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