Cookies that match your Butterbeer

Accio, cookies!

The moment I saw PRESS by Fully Booked post about their Harry Potter-themed cookies, I knew I just had to get my hands on them. I loved sugar cookies, after all, even if it stained your tongue with the crazy colors of its designs.

The Boy Who Lived (and JK Rowling) just turned a year older so the cutest baked goods were rolled out for the celebration. Sorry Hagrid, we ditched the squished cake with pink and green frosting this year—well, sort of.

Hagrid’s cake creation was among the many designs for the Potterheads out there. The insignia of the Hogwarts houses, Quidditch essentials, and character emblems make up the cookie roster. You’ll also find cookies with Harry’s Patronus, and symbols of both the Deathly Hallows and Platform 9 3/4.

I was delighted to see Luna Lovegood’s iconic spectrespecs and a bunch of spells (which included Expelliarmus and Avada Kedavra) on the cafe’s limited edition baked treats. Designs will be different on every visit depending on the availability of the cookies, of course.

The baked treats taste as good as it looks—it’s buttery and chewy unlike most dry sugar cookies out there (I actually wolfed down some cookies as I took photos). A pack of six cookies is worth P255, P160 for three pieces, while a single piece costs P55.

Hurry and head on south to get a taste of these magical (yet Muggle-made) sweets, they’re only available until Sunday.

Photography by Vinz Lamorena

PRESS Cafe by Fully Booked is located at Level R3, The Power Plant Mall.
For special orders, call or text 0917427929.

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