Common Table’s comfort food

Salcedo Village is home to a lot of restaurants offering comfort food. Be it gastronomic fusions of different cuisines, or traditional recipes with a twist, you’re bound to find a place for every kind of craving here. Each of their best-selling dishes are just waiting to make it to your list of favorites.

And it’s no surprise that included among its ranks is Common Table at Valero Street, Makati. Their specialty? Comfort food that upgrades a recipe’s common ingredients for a remarkably satisfying dining experience.

Here are the must-tries on a Common Table visit:

Sisig Fried Rice

Each grain of rice is perfectly enveloped with the distinct savory taste of sisig, made interesting by the sweet crunch of toasted shallots and crispy chicharon bits. Even the pork rinds were made from scratch at Common Table. Once they have this ingredient, they dehydrate it to ensure its crispiness til the very last bit of your sisig rice bowl. The cheek chunks are what make this sinful bowl the perfect hangover chow, but we’d have this sober any day, too.

Wagyu Beef Salpicao

Tender wagyu beef cubes were carefully seared in Worcestershire, and in a sizzling plate it sits with roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes. It’s bathed in its own beefy juices, and each bite is packed with flavor that it gets quite addicting. It will go well with your choice of beer, but if you’re up for a more indulgent night, pair it with the Sisig Fried Rice. You’d end up with an incredible mix of textures and flavors that is the very definition of comfort food.

Common Table Nachos

Skillet cheese nachos is often offered in various food parks around the metro, but this rustic gastropub concocted an unforgettable 5-cheese blend. The cheese that blanketed the nacho chips are a mix of every good texture of cheese as we know it—stringy, creamy, and gooey. It is also topped with Spanish chorizo bits cooked like carne asada, and the varying textures and flavors were all united by tangy garlic cream.

Roasted Bone Marrow

A simple delicacy that has been transformed by so many gastropubs into a go-to beer (or any alcohol for that matter) pair. Common Table’s version is cooked and salted just right for that sink-your-teeth-in marrow texture. This dish is simple, yet so good you won’t mind that it’s highly caloric. It’s served with buttered toast and oxtail jam where you can easily taste the mixture of red wine and sugar.

Patatas Bravas

You can never go wrong with potatoes. The most famous carb of all time is tossed in traditional Spanish garlic aioli. At first bite you immediately get the smokey taste from paprika, the subtle tart of tomato puree, and the smoothness of the combination of egg yolk and olive oil. The crispy potatoes are also served with chorizo bits and a runny sunny-side-up egg.

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