Finding everyday lippies that are sure-fire MLBB shades

Make-up is a creeping addiction. You start with the essentials, then you’ll find one item or brand that you’ll eventually swear by and will shower (monetary) devotion on. Then, in your beauty enlightenment, comes the next phase: hoarding. You’ll tell yourself every shade of whatever it is you’re eyeing is a must-have—and it probably is. (After all, the customer is always right.)

That’s often the lie I repeat in my head whenever I face a lipstick counter. There are just so many gorgeous colors, but I take pride in being disciplined enough to remember what shades are in my make-up arsenal, and just stay away from the usual colors my eyes often gravitate to. Most often than not, every time I visit make-up stores, I would be able to walk away empty-handed.

But price matte lippies for just P200?? You’ve definitely cracked my beauty abstinence.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Maybelline lippies, and I don’t think posts about it have ever stopped circulating on my social media feeds. It was inevitable (and about time) that I’d fall into the craze.

The first one I ever bought from this brand is the shade Raw Cocoa, which is a lot similar to Nyx’s Berlin lip cream. I really wanted to add shades that had warm undertones to my kit, and this one had the right kind of brown for me.

It redefines what a nude lipstick is—it’s no longer just the shade it has, it’s making that color have the ultimate natural finish on your lips. Its powdery matte texture makes it so easy to swipe and completely have a buildable color. It moisturizes, and, at the same time, effortlessly creates an even texture on the lips. I just wished it didn’t smell like clay.

The next day after my first purchase, I got Nude Embrace. This one had the delectable scent of butterball candy. Although it is among the matte selections, its finish is more suede than it is matte. This blend of flesh with light brown and pink undertones wasn’t as pigmented as my first buy, and also turned too sticky and patchy after a few layered swipes.

The formula for this one was such a letdown because it is the closest shade I could find that’s a lot similar to my natural lip color. But I’ve learned to mix the two Maybelline shades I have to create a more matte consistency, and it turned out to be a delightful pinkish taupe combination.

Maybelline also recently curated their Inti-mattes collection and it is pure, absolute torture. I just wanna head down to the nearest mall and start swatching!

My friends were right when they said Maybelline lipsticks are meant to be part of your everyday make-up routine—it’s affordable, chic, and built for any occasion. But no one quite told me Maybelline lipstick hoarding was going to be this addicting.

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