llaollao madness

llaollao’s fourth branch is now open at Trinoma
Since it first opened in 2016, llaollao (pronounced as yao-yao) still isn’t in every mall I frequented as I hoped it would had by now. It currently has branches in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta, and—finally, right in my home turf, Quezon City—Trinoma!

The malls in Fairview don’t offer any froyo, which is a complete disappointment. So when I drop by malls that actually do, I try to grab some frozen yogurt goodness whenever I can. While there are other stalls and stores that offer this cold treat, it’s the different toppings this Spanish franchise has that make me want more of it.

I twirled my own DIY llaollao froyo during the Trinoma opening. I ate two cups of this in one go!
There are loads of toppings to choose from, and, by law of Math combinations, there are 700 different ways to pair llaollao’s fruits, crunches, and sauces. The available toppings change whenever I get to visit their counters, so experimenting is very much in the options. Every time I buy a cup of froyo here, it must have strawberries and almond brittle.

You won’t get that nutty texture from the almond brittle until your froyo melts, soaking this crunch topping. It tastes a lot like chopped macaron shells with a huge bite (it’s so crunchy, you can hear it crackle as you chew). I also like muesli with chopped chocolate, huge crisped rice balls covered in milk chocolate (Crunch), and crushed Lotus biscoff cookies. Each additional topping costs P30.

Among the sauces, I alternate getting the dark chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and Lotus caramelized sauce. The first turns into a hard shell coating, while the caramel maintains a fudgy texture. The third is basically your favorite cookie butter that you can now lick off the spoon on its own—no excuses needed. I try to get a different kind of sauce on each visit, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood for novelty so you stick to the basic.

Small froyo with dark chocolate sauce and additional Lotus biscoff cookie crumbs
Medium froyo with strawberries, almond brittle, and Lotus caramelized sauce
I used to get the Sanum (P199) often since I was a bit greedy to try their various toppings. What I would like to call the “Vinny Sanum” has a combination of two scoops of strawberries, one scoop of refreshing kiwi, the crunch combo of muesli with chocolate and almond brittle, and, last but not the least, it’s topped with a dollop of dark chocolate sauce.

My version of the Sanum
I realized that the Sanum contains less froyo than most of their options, so I’ve recently switched to the medium cup (P189) with three toppings as my go-to order. The large llaollao cup (P199) is best for sharing, that is, if you don’t want to get a serious brain freeze or cry over melted froyo. The only thing I don’t like about llaollao’s froyo is that it melts faster than most in the market.

There are weeks when I have llaollao’s frozen yogurt almost everyday, but now I try to eat a cup just once a week (emphasis on the word try). This llaollao madness is a tough rival to my Potato Corner obsession. What can I do? My love for yogurt is guilt-free!

Unrelated PS: I eat yogurt everyday, and Korea has the best store-bought yogurt cups I have tasted!

Related PPS: llaollao Trinoma has an ongoing promo for their Slushies, exclusively for the first 100 customers daily. Just spend a minimum of P150 and you get a Slushie for free! It’s time to test your early bird skills til Oct. 6!

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