Wigs and things

L’amour X: This is collaboration with Black Hairspray.
However, all opinion found in this post is entirely mine.

We’ve all had those days when we aimlessly surfed the internet. Whether it’s checking out beauty sites for the latest must-have Korean products on sale, or watching the latest posts of the YouTube vloggers you’re subscribed to, there’s a bunch of suggestive links that you’re bound to find on the same screen.

One delightful discovery I’ve had recently is: Black Hairspray. It’s the one-stop shop for everyone who loves their tresses. The site is full of beauty and hair care products, and—this is the fun partwigs!

Now, I know what you’re thinking—what the hell do you plan to do with wigs?

Well, the first reason would be finding a fool-proof contingency plan. I’ve been itching to get a bob for the past three months, but I’ve also fallen for how long my hair has grown. On the site, I found a brand that used synthetic hair that looks so natural that many hairstylists swear by it.

The following are my wig options for days when I’ve already chopped my hair and suddenly miss my shoulder-length locks. Here are my picks from Vivica Fox Wigs:

I’ve long planned to purchase a blonde wig to spare my scalp from the harsh process of bleaching, and just dye it with my favorite quirky aquamarine shade.

Which wig should I get?


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