Women take art beyond the box

Local and independent artists are creating a lot of buzz these days—and for good reason. From viral personal projects to the Visible Women campaign, the Internet is making Filipino art extend its reach. Some tools of the trade have gone digital, creating a new and welcome medium that the public can access and appreciate.

Last year, the comic book “Beyond” was drawn entirely using the iPad Pro. Working with celebrated Filipino artists Harvey Tolibao, Manix Abrera, and Merlin Malonzo, the comic collaboration with Beyond The Box featured each of the artists’ known and recognizable styles.

While there’s a handful of artists who turn to digital art for their creative pursuits, three hand-picked diverse and talented female illustrators will continue to make the world of “Beyond” come to life, with their own quirky characters. The comic is set to be released tomorrow, Oct. 7, Saturday, at Fully Booked BGC.

If you’re a fan of humorous doodles, cute and colorful magical realism, or even minimalist panels, then you’re in for a treat—2017 is the year where female artists really are taking the lead. As Hulyen aka Julienne Dadivas, Mika Bacani, and Rian Gonzales share their creations drawn completely on the iPad Pro for the second issue of “Beyond,” this only assures us one thing: The limits to creativity are now undefined by technology.

Hulyen’s “Ugh” comic strips never fail to make its online audience laugh at the wry reactions of her characters who face the most mundane scenarios. For “Beyond,” she plays around folktales, the “Alamat ng Piña” in particular, and even insights one of the most trivial arguments on social media—if pineapples belong on pizza.

Rian Gonzales’ take on “Beyond” drives a local banker named Candy to a magical adventure, and each of her panels will make you relive your love for Lisa Frank. The artist introduces the cutest creatures and plays with splashes of colors that will draw you into each illustrated scene.

Mika Bacani’s comic explores long distance relationship, and even her drawings show space and absence, which works well with the theme. The artist hopes this “Beyond” issue will inspire many others to start working on their own art.

Who else is excited for the second issue of “Beyond”? Watch the video below for more information and see you guys tomorrow!

This blog post was previously published on We The Pvblic.

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