Fun, funky, crazy and makes you wanna DNCE

If you ever plan to crash a DNCE band rehearsal, here’s a short list of what you need to bring: adult beverages, local snacks, and a game-for-anything attitude.

The funk-rock band reveals it’s always like a 10-year-old’s birthday party whenever they get together. And yes, that includes all the fun, noise, and maybe even some uncontrollable chaos, as any kid’s party goes.

“We’re just sitting around and there’s always snacks, soda, in front of us. We make fun of each other and then get around with playing a little bit of music,” bass guitarist Cole Whittle shares.

“But all our attention spans are short so we end up goofing around and leaving to go somewhere cool,” he adds.

The spunky kid in each of the members is alive from the studio rehearsals to live shows. It’s not just because the multiplatinum band is composed of hyperactive youth and fearless menaces, but frontman Joe Jonas shares being childlike ultimately keeps the band grounded.

“The emotion we get on stage is just joy and laughter. We’re having a good time, reminding us what the little kids in us dreamed to do. As a band, the fans, new experiences and new cities keep us inspired,” Joe says as DNCE makes pit stops all over Asia—gracing cities like Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Manila for the first time as part of their 2017 summer tour.

Since their newest single’s release in April, the band has been playing “Kissing Strangers” to enthusiastic crowds hearing the song for the first time live. The recent collaboration with Nicki Minaj is the newest addition to DNCE’s arsenal of party-rock anthems.

“We’re big fans of Nicki Minaj! She’s kind of a hero for us and she’s never done any rock and roll before. So when she sent us her verse, it was absolutely awesome. We shot the video, hung out and it was one big party together,” Cole reveals.

“Kissing Strangers” is a jolt of retro vibes fused with modern pop tunes. Although the band says it easily fits the same sound of their self-titled album, the latest single is also their attempt to evolve musically.

With two more upcoming collaborations, DNCE is challenging themselves to grow bigger sonically. They tease that they could be coming up with tracks with another band, or maybe even an orchestra. But we’re betting (and hoping) Bruno Mars fits the bill—after all, the band opens for the South American leg of the 24K Magic world tour.

“The music is always going to be a DNCE vibe, lyrically and sound-wise, but we’re trying to have some new flavors in there,” Joe promises.

For their Filipino fans, DNCE wishes to dedicate the song “DNCE” during their performance during the In The Mix music festival. The band says it’s their way of introducing themselves to the Manila crowd.

“It’s our first real show here and we wanna present ourselves just like our album. It’s already a double platinum here and it’s so overwhelming and exciting. Singing ‘DNCE’ is like our thank you to them,” Joe adds.

Photos courtesy of MMI Live. Interview for Inquirer Super.

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