The story behind LANY’s ‘ILYSB’ makes us love it more so bad


We hit the shuffle play button on our favorite Spotify playlist. A few seconds into an unheard song and we’ve got ourselves a new track to play over and over. While this is a familiar routine of discovery for most listeners who stream music, it is also one untiring narrative for fans of the three-piece band  LANY.

And that’s how it goes for this band: most listeners are converted into fans when they hear ILYSB online.

The track is a pipe song. Its melody and energy are magnetic, with notes and lyrics that are sweet and idyllic. The song starts out slow and dreamy, with that familiar pop synth charm that makes it easy to fall in love with.

It’s a track that transports you to a Californian road trip, with the skies painted in sunset colors and the occasional blinding streaks of light. The car windows are rolled down as one aches to feel the West Coast’s refreshing breeze on their skin, while the locks of their hair are blown by the wind in a perfect disarrangement. Each passing moment feels warm and has the makings of the perfect Hollywood scene.

Vin meets Finn: Of selfies and fist bumps with the Iron Fist


“You’re my favorite from The Defenders—and Charlie Cox!”

Fan encounters usually last for a sentence—and you probably end up spewing some sort of cliche statement. But what can you actually say to Marvel’s latest minted superhero when you meet him?

Do you talk about how you were just writing about him a few days before, going into detail about the Marvel easter eggs embedded in the 13-episode Netflix series “Iron Fist”? Or do you go on about how you loved that his character allows viewers and fans to witness how Danny Rand grows and matures?

Or perhaps you feel like showing off your binge-watching prowess and tell Finn Jones, the 29-year-old actor who plays the Immortal Weapon, that you finished watching “Iron Fist” in a day?

“A day?!?” Finn Jones asks me.

“Yeah,” I tell him. “I just couldn’t stop watching.”

“A day. Wow. That’s really good to hear,” he says.

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