Marvel finally dropped the newest ‘Spider-Man’ trailer and I just can’t stop thinking about it

The last time we saw Spider-Man on our screens, he immortalized this line: “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.” But it seems like the young hero, along with half of the universe, was able to survive Thanos’ wipeout after all. Let’s be honest: We knew “Endgame” would undo the deaths of the film that came before it. But even in the out-of-this-world Marvel Cinematic Universe, shit like that change you (Cue “Iron Man 3”).
In the official trailer of “Far From Home,” we see Peter Parker (Tom Holland) packing for a trip to Europe with MJ (Zendaya), Ned (Jacob Batalon), and the rest of the gang. He decides to skip on his heroic duties on this vacation, but as Marvel fans know by now, the Avengers are such strong magnets to trouble.
We’re beyond excited to see how Jon Watts along with screenplay writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers have decided to continue this geeky and rookie chapter of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. So far, its one and only trailer was dropped and we already have so many questions running in our heads. These are some of them: 

Good bye, New York After so many Spidey reboots, we finally get a change of scenery. Sure, they took us to Washington the last time, but seeing web-slinger swing across different global landmarks is such a huge deal. The question is, how will he be sneaking out (probably bailing out some tourist destinations, even) to save the world without his friends noticing?

Happy never looked so happy. The Spidey flicks’ connection to the “Iron Man” stand-alones is still quite strong in this one. We see Happy Hogan (one of Tony’s closest friends, played by Jon Favreau) flirting with the gorgeous—and youngest ever—Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). There definitely is some brewing chemistry between the two (Sorry, Uncle Ben). But it’s Happy’s appearance in the Spider-Man trailer that deeply troubled Iron Man fans, as he told Parker he’s “all alone now.” Is “Endgame” truly the last time we’ll be seeing Mr. Stark?

Parker fashion. Even with his casual wardrobe, Parker really embodies that geeky vibe, and we’re left to ask—where exactly can we get our own “Find x” trigonometric graphic shirt?

MJ is our girl. Parker’s (prospective) leading lady has totally shed off that popular girl slash head-of-the-cheerleading-team kind of image. Sure, she still seems way out of his league, but the “Homecoming” series definitely isn’t trying to set him up with another Mary Jane Watson. Zendaya gives character to a whole different MJ (which stands for Michelle Jones), and she shares this awkward, sarcastic, yet unforgettably canny interactions with our hero. Will teenage romance finally blossom in this sequel? Or will Happy be the only one gaining a love interest?

Mysterious Mysterio. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio was described as “Iron Man and Thor rolled in one,” but, excuse me, don’t you see those interdimensional patterns that form a mystical shield? Dr. Strange should’ve been added to that list of references! A lot of comic geeks say Gyllenhaal is repping a suit that’s quite similar to what has been printed in the Spidey issues. But—wait a minute—he doesn’t seem to be the same tyrannical villain in the comics. It even looks like he’ll be fighting alongside Parker on this one. It could also be because he’s controlling the Elementals to make himself look like he’s out there to save the day. Like Mordo, would he fall into the demise of the good guy gone bad later on? After all, it’s not the first time the superhero archenemies were painted in a good light until they turned to the dark side. 

Photos courtesy of Marvel Studios. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is set to show on theaters this coming July 2019. 

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