Penshoppe’s We Bare Bears collection makes a comeback with the Denimlab 2019 line

Two favorite collections made their comebacks, and, as the cliché goes, it’s always better the second time around. Penshoppe came out with more collaborative pieces with the equally animated and adorable characters of “We Bare Bears” that fans of the cartoon series will go crazy over once again. 

The collection has a total of 76 pieces, in fact. There are still some pastels here and there, but it goes for a more neutral palette this time around. The design details aren’t as subtle like those before either—there are bigger graphics and more all-over prints to choose from. 

The hoodies of this limited edition collection are the real deal breakers. It doesn’t matter if you already have enough hoodies to last you a lifetime. You gotta have ones with We Bare Bears’ faces—it’s cool, casual, and great geeky merchandise. Oh, and so are the oversized tees!

We also loved the button-down shirts that have the trio of Panda, Ice Bear, and Grizzly embroidered as hem and pocket details. A bit on the smart casual side, the embroidery adds personality to these basics—cuddly elements that are sure hard to miss!

There are boxy and ringer tees stitched with velvety detail, while dreamy striped shirts have these famous bears playfully embroidered on it. Not only that, there’s also a pair of white faux leather lace-ups in this collection, featuring the three bears wearing shades doing husky poses. Its shoelaces have paw prints all over it, too! And before we forget, they have lovely coin purse designs that you can dedicate for each day of the week.

The brand is in constant hustle, introducing their Denimlab 2019 collection shortly after rolling out their We Bare Bears line. While denim is a classic, Penshoppe continues to deconstruct the use of the fabric to create futuristic yet sporty silhouettes. Its prototype prints are minimalist at best, making sure each design embodies the versatility of denim.

The collection’s charm lies in its intentional unfinished looks—and it’s more than the patchy style. There’s raw-cut edges, frayed hems, off-placed design labels, and uneven seams. Taking on a mix of industrial patterns and Katakana prints, you’ll find statement pieces to add to your streetwear ensemble. 

Besides the array of oversized jackets, we’d definitely go for the light-wash slim-fit jeans with an embroidered garment number design, which is kind of perfect to rock with a pair of Fear of God sneaks.

Photos by Vinz Lamorena. Shop the newest Penshoppe collections online and in stores nationwide.

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